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Our Update, Your Voice

If you would like to help shape your local services and priorities, provide input to patient surveys and keep updated on developments at the Practice via email, please enter your details below.


Check your postcode

If you live within the the SE5 0, SE5 5, SE5 7, SE5 8, SE5 9, SE15 1, SE15 2, SE15 3, SE15 4, SE15 5, SE15 6, SE22 0, SE22 8, and SE22 9 postcode you can register with us today and we will contact you to arrange a full health check and introduce you to our team of doctors and nurses.


Our catchment area

If you live within the area indicated below then you are eligible to register with us:

Tessa Jowell Catchment area (Google map coming soon)


How to register

Step 1

You will need to attend the surgery between 9.30 and 6pm Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm Saturday and complete a registration form.

Provide photographic identification ‚Äčin the form of a driving licence or passport will be requested.

Proof of Address in the form of a Bank Statement, Council Tax Bill, Utility Bill will be requested.

This process will take two working days to complete after which time you can arrange an appointment to see a clinician.

Step 2

The reception team will arrange a New Patient Health Check with our Health Care Assistant at your earliest convenience. This is a general routine examination, you will be asked to provide a urine sample (sample bottle supplied).


Your responsibilities as a patient

Our nurses and doctors are here to help, and we aim to provide you with the best possible care. In order for us to do this, we expect you to be considerate, courteous and not to make unreasonable demands. You can leave a message or telephone us when a face-to-face contact is unnecessary. This will help us to function more efficiently and allows us to be more available.