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Repeat prescriptions

The essentials:

  • A repeat prescription means you can get more of your medication without seeing a doctor
  • Please ask for a repeat when you have about one week's supply left
  • To make a request
    • Tick the box to the left-hand side of each item you wish to request
    • Hand in, send to us or fax the tear-off slip from the right-hand side of your prescription
  • If you would like us to send your prescription to you please include a stamped addressed envelope
  • We cannot accept requests by telephone
  • Allow a minimum of 2 full working days for processing
  • Usually prescriptions are for a maximum of 2 months' supply (at your doctor's discretion)
  • They are reviewed at least every 6 months
  • You may be asked to make an appointment, or have a blood test as a result of this review

Repeat prescriptions - Why?

If you require long-term medication, you can obtain repeat prescriptions easily and with the minimum of inconvenience.

Using the repeat system frees up appointments for other people and makes the best use of your doctor's time.

How to make a request

The right-hand side of your prescription contains a list of all the medications that are authorised for repeats.

Please tick ONLY those medicines that you need. Tear off the slip from the prescription and return it to the surgery.

You can hand in, send by post or fax us your request. If you want us to send the prescription back to you please include a stamped addressed envelope.

We can send your repeat prescription to your local pharmacy of choice, or you can instruct your pharmacy to pick up your prescription from our surgery.

Repeat prescriptions can ordered through the online access please register at the surgery or through the web link Proof of ID will need to be shown to the reception team to activate (e.g. a passport / bank card /driving licence)

This service is only available for patients aged 16 and over.

When to re-order

Do not wait until you have run out of medication.

Please ask for a repeat prescription when you have about one week's supply left.

This gives us enough time to prepare your repeat prescription to ensure you have enough medication.

How long will it take?

Please allow at least two full working days for your request to be processed and ready for collection. For example, if we receive your request on Monday morning it should be ready by Wednesday afternoon.

If your medication needs reviewing by a doctor, then your request may take longer to complete.

Why only a maximum of two months' medication at a time?

Medicines may be repeated at intervals of anything from 1 week to 2 months. We do not use periods of greater than 2 months because medicines may be changed and we are trying to avoid wastage so that all of us benefit.

Short courses of medication are for your own safety.

Why do we review your medication?

Most drugs prescribed carry with them the risk of side-effects - for example, loss of potassium salts in people taking diuretics or some blood pressure pills.

Many people need regular reviews of blood pressure and diabetes to see if they need any changes in their medication.

Others need monitoring from time to time to ensure that their treatment dosage is correct, for example those on thyroid replacement.

Your doctor will write a note to you asking you to have a blood test or see one of the clinical staff when your next review is due.

Generic prescribing

Your doctor will normally prescribe a generic drug rather than a branded one. These drugs are no different except that the branded drugs cost the NHS more.

Prescription delivery and collection services

Some pharmacists/chemists have a system for collection and delivery. For details, ask your local pharmacist.


For those who pay for prescriptions the NHS has special pre-payment schemes. These are usually more economical if you require more than 2-3 items on a regular basis. For details, ask your local pharmacist or visit

Please try to use the repeat prescription system properly and we will do our very best to have your prescription prepared on time.